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A Girl Inspired Guide To Effective Social Media

Learn to build community and grow your business via social media by using an effective strategy, content planning, and much more.

About This Event

A Girl Inspired Guide To Effective Social Media, presented by business expert and coach, Joanne Wetzel, will assist you in learning how to produce an effective social media strategy to do the following things:

  • Increase your digital presence and engagement with your audience

  • Build your online community

  • Grow your business in terms of new clients/customers as well as profitability

  • Reduce time spent on ineffective social media and posting to give you more time back in your business

In this class, we will discuss:

  • Current social media statistics, demographics of each platform, and pros/cons of each platform

  • Using the 'Why' behind your business to design content around your audience, ideal client, and business goals

  • Developing your ideal client further, if needed

  • The biggest thing you should be utilizing for your social media content in 2019

  • Content and caption ideas

  • Social media planning, designing, and photography resources

At the end of class, we will do a short Q&A to assist in answering questions or concerns from each person's specific business/niche.

If you are unable to make this date, we will also be having another Effective Social Media class on May 8th.

To learn more about The Girl Inspired Project or to inquire about business coaching, please visit our website: The Girl Inspired Project is also a podcast; you can find us on any platform where podcasts are available.

There are only twelve seats available for this class, so don't delay and book your ticket today. We hope to see you there!