Are you a new business owner or looking to start a business?

Or maybe you’ve been in business awhile, but feel like you’ve never quite gotten the ‘business’ thing down?

Or like a lot of us, you feel like you keep making the same mistakes over and over again?

I hear you, friend!

I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than six years now and I can tell you that I’ve made some pretty common, gut wrenching mistakes along the way. As the mission behind The Girl Inspired Project is to empower women with digital business tools, resources, and education, so they can lead more fulfilling, inspiring businesses, I’ve got you covered.

That’s why I wrote my newest freebie with entrepreneurs in mind:

[Five Entrepreneurial Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs]

Five Entrepreneurial Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs The Girl Inspired Project Fempreneur Womanpreneur Entrepeneur

This complementary guide outlines five harrowing, massive mistakes that I made, but also, that a large percentage of first time business owners make. Even if this guide helps stops you from making one newbie mistake, my job is done here (but, I promise you, you’ll learn a lot more than that!).

So, are you ready to avoid the heartache, loss of profit, and novice errors in your business?

And if that wasn’t enough for you…

Did you know that The Girl Inspired Project is also a podcast?! Yes, girl, yes!

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We interview dynamic women who share their story of successes and struggle in both life and business. These women are truly changing the world through their voice, business, and platform.

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