What if we told ourselves all the things we could achieve in life and business instead of all the things we can’t achieve?

That's the challenge behind The Girl Inspired Project.

The mission of our platform is to empower women with digital business tools, insights, and education to cultivate inspired, fulfilling, and successful lives and businesses.

Joanne Wetzel, the founder and encourager behind The Girl Inspired Project, combines her more than six years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and business owner to help you build a business you love.

Indeed, when you support The Girl Inspired Project, not only are you investing in changing your life and that of your families’, you are helping organizations in need around the world through the work that we do.

When Joanne isn’t busy being an encourager and girl boss, you can find her volunteering at her local animal shelter, hiking with her two rescue dogs, stretching out on her yoga mat, or hanging with her husband at a new Raleigh eatery.