Bethany Tran, The Root Collective

About five years ago now, I began questioning a lot of things in my life. Where is my food coming from? What chemicals are in my beauty products? Why do I have to live in debt? How and where are my clothes being made? How are the goods I consume impacting negatively or even hurting those around me?

Through those questions began my journey into being a big supporter of ethical and fair trade goods, specifically, clothes, accessories, and shoes.

This week’s episode of The Girl Inspired Project, I sat down with my dear friend and fellow entrepreneur, Bethany Tran, founder of The Root Collective. While Bethany had a similar experience getting into the world of ethical and fair trade goods, she sat down and asked herself, “Why isn’t someone doing something about what I’m seeing?”

In short, Bethany was just the person to create a solution to a bigger problem: under and unemployment in the slums of Guatemala City, Guatemala. Due to lack of jobs or immense underemployment, many men are forced to turn to joining gangs just to be able to support their family.

It is her mission to provide steady, fair employment to artisan shoemakers in Guatemala, so they can end generational poverty and begin to flourish.

And she’s doing just that. Currently, The Root Collective impacts about 30-35 families in Guatemala at one time.

And this episode doesn’t stop there.

Bethany also encourages business owners by sharing how she’s overcome the many challenges in The Root Collective, why she feels grit will allow you to achieve business success in the long term, advice to new social enterprise owners, and how you as one consumer can shape the direction of businesses just buy what you choose or don’t choose to buy.

Truthfully, this is an incredibly dynamic and encouraging interview.

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