Mini Episode Announcement

On this mini episode of The Girl Inspired Project, Joanne has a small announcement to share as well as what's changing here on the podcast! Listen anywhere you digest your favorite podcasts by searching The Girl Inspired Project.

You may have noticed in the subject line of this episode that we have an announcement to make.

It’s not a crazy grand announcement or anything, but nonetheless, it’s important.

The goal behind The Girl Inspired Project has always been to provide women in business with resources, tools, and education so that they can lead more inspiring businesses.

And with that we are launching The Girl Inspired School in just two weeks on May 3rd.

Because so much of our time has been absorbed with creating these courses, guides, and books –launching at different times throughout 2019—we are going to take a break from mini episodes for now.

I am a firm believer in that we can’t accomplish everything at once, but we can focus on one main goal at once and build from there.

So, that’s the intention to solely focus on building out educational resources for our community.

You will still be able to find fresh content on our interview episodes and the blog as well as monthly through our Girl Inspired ‘Zine (which you can sign up for at the bottom of this page!).

Mini episodes will be back once we’ve gotten some of these educational tools out the door for you.

We appreciate you as you continue to listen to the podcast!

Stay tuned for the launch of The Girl Inspired School by following us on media @thegirlinspiredproject.


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